5 Reasons Why Men Prefer Escorts to Modern Dating

The old adage says that men are visual creatures and are aroused by what they see. It is the truth. We can think of nothing to disagree with it. But this changes drastically when we turn to modern dating. You may say, but don’t men like having sex? Still, most men would rather give up their right arm than do the hard work of finding a good partner for themselves in traditional dating today.

Men are big into escorts these days, a fact that has many dating experts scratching their heads. Here are a few of the reasons why escorts are so popular with the boys out there right now.

1. Money is no Object

When you’re dating a Kajri Russian Escort Service in Gurgaon, there are a lot of financial commitments that come with the territory. You’re going to have to take her out for dinner and drinks, buy her gifts, and if you want to move things along, be prepared for some hefty hotel bills. Escorts don’t cost a dime though! There’s no need to wine and dine them, or take them on exotic vacations – just give them some cash up front and they’ll be happy as clams.

2. No Commitment

Why waste your time trying to win a woman over when you can just sign them up as a feature? A lot of women feel that they have to commit to you before they’re willing to accept your presents, but escorts don’t seem to have this hang-up. You don’t even have to tip them well – just send them out with an extra bill or two and you’re good to go.

Human beings are social creatures, and we’ve been conditioned to seek out long-term relationships since the dawn of time. We’re hard-wired this way, and there’s no arguing with our biological makeup. Escorts can provide an outlet for sexual needs without ending up in a lifetime commitment that nobody really wants anymore.

3. They’re Independent

A lot of women have problems with commitment, but escorts don’t. If you want to be with a woman who never needs to get back to you, all you have to do is pay up and she’ll go about her business – doing whatever the heck she wants without your input. If a woman needs your input, then she’s not really interested in being with you in the first place, so why waste your time trying to get anything out of her?

4. Always Available

Aside from their knack for extreme independence, escorts are also available to their clients at any time of day or night. If you’re in the mood to have some company and the only woman available is your girlfriend, then you’ve got to make nice with her – which means going out with her on her terms. With an escort, you can call whenever you want and she’ll answer your call – no questions asked. They’re Available 24/7 – Dating as we know it today can be a full-time job. You’re just not going to have time for any partners outside of work unless they’re quite easy on the eyes and willing to work around your schedule.

5. Freebies

Escorts don’t ask for money for anything. If you’re going to take them out on the town, that’s going to cost you, but that’s where the freebies come in. Sure, you’ll have to tip them if you hire them for a couple hours, but it’s nothing like the exorbitant amounts of cash that bouncers and waitresses at high-end establishments will be expecting from you.It’s no secret that women are more inclined toward escorts over other forms of sex than men are . This is why the world is so full of escorts that are male and female, or even transgendered.

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